Brand New Atheist Bus Campaign hits B.C.


The 2010 Canadian Atheist Bus Campaign running in British Columbia is a project of Centre for Inquiry Canada which promotes and advances reason, science, secularism and freedom of inquiry in all areas of human endeavour. Click HERE to donate directly to this campaign in BC. Your donation will have a direct impact on how long and on how many buses this campaign will be run.

Centre for Inquiry Canada has also launched a nation-wide campaign entitled Extraordinary Claims featuring bus ads, educational events and online discussions. It challenges well-known and widely believed claims by demanding evidence as extraordinary as the claims themselves.

10 thoughts on “Brand New Atheist Bus Campaign hits B.C.”

  1. Why not use the money to give to Non-Believers Giving Aid, rather than waste it on a bus ad deliberately designed to offend people?
    Or is that too reasonable?

  2. In that case, since we’re on the topic of freedom of speech, you should also post some ads saying “There probably is a God”

  3. Maybe when this is done we could make a “Unicorns don’t exist” or “Toothfairy probably isn’t real… so stop putting your teeth under your pillow” Campaigns?!
    If God doesn’t exist why have a campaign charging against a ‘non-exsisting’ being?

  4. Look at us everyone! Our BELIEF system is that we don’t believe in a God. And we are tired of seeing your God stuff everywhere and crammed down our throats constantly. So, to show you how much we are against YOUR beliefs, we are going to constantly proclaim our beliefs and cram them down your throat constantly. Hmm, seems a bit insecure and hyper-over compensating for some empty whole in their lives. Wonder what it could be???

  5. Yes they will be. We’ll see it by Spring on Vancouver busses. I’m strong in my beliefs so the Atheist can say what they want. There’s enough doubt in their theories that anything is possible. LOL

  6. I second what Wendy asked, will Translink allow this? Personally I’d like to see the ads on buses in the Fraser Valley where they are most needed. Vancouver almost seems like preaching to the choir, so to speak!

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