More Pictures from Ottawa

The Humansit Association of Ottawa has done a phenominal job in trying to bring the Atheist Bus Campaign to Ottawa. They have fought hard, worked hard, and spent a lot of time trying to reverse the decision made by OC Transpo. I am proud to have worked with such dedicated humanists and atheists and I recommend that if you live in Ottawa and are looking for a community of atheists, take a look at their website and get in contact with them

Here are some photos of the HAO with one of the 24 OC Transpo buses our ad is on:

[flickrset id=”72157616560030645″ thumbnail=”square” overlay=”true” size=”large”]

On a side note, paypal has suspended our donation account so please hang on to your money until we sort it out.

Author: Chris

12 thoughts on “More Pictures from Ottawa”

  1. Why would PayPal suspend the Atheist account ?

    Can I submit this story to CNN – I am an iReporter there.

  2. I’m not sure why, it’s kind of scary because I know paypal support is very slow moving so it could take a week or two to have the problem resolved.

  3. Q: Why did the 3 wisemen get banned from the Atheist Discussion Forum ?

    A: For speaking the Truth.

  4. What happened to Metatron, Jack Skellington and Essene ?
    They were the only ones posting something worth reading. Challenging both sides. I thought. Anyways I found them all on Twitter so I don’t need the Forum anymore. Good luck with your search for Truth.

    Looks like you found it.

  5. I mean – you have become the CHURCH – silencing those who have different opinions. Censorship and Burning heretics alive.

    So much for FREE THOUGHT.

    The Atheist “Free Thought” movement is dead. Just like “God”. (whatever that is)

  6. Gabriel, no one has been censored or banned other than a few spam bots advertising WoW gold and essene who was banned in February for continuously posting jargon which were in the wrong topics and categories and had nothing to do with what other people were discussing. He was warned several times and did not follow the forum rules that are clearly posted at the top of every category. Metatron is still active on the forum, he’s just posted a few messages. Jack Shellington, not sure where he went but just because someone isn’t actively posting every day doesn’t mean they were banned.

    Please be more careful, we encourage free speech and open discussion and I think the very fact that we’ve let you post up and down our comments is proof enough that we are not censoring, but if you are going to slander I advise you to be careful.

  7. ‘Gabriel’ if this was a theist website and the atheist equivalent of you posted, he/she would be banned in a day. I think you tried to annoy us until the admin banned you, and it didn’t work, so now you are grasping at straws. Contribute in useful ways to the discussion of religion here or just shut up already.

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