Atheist Bus In Other Countries

Below are a few videos from other atheist bus campaigns around the world. The first from the Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign, who have very kindly linked to our discussion board as a place to discuss atheism. Check out their cool video below and also their website –

Atheist Bus in Spain:

This video below is from a British comedy called “Have I Got News For You”. The episode aired last fall.

The next is from a show called University Challenge:

More to come soon.

Author: Chris

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  1. Welcome to all those from Indiana. here you will learn all about the true “God” known in the Hebrew number-letters as YH-WH. And who YH-Sh-WH called Apleph-Bayt-Aleph (Father in heaven) The Kindom of God is within. Luke 17:21 Do not look to the sky. YH-WH exists within every particle and fibre of your being.

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