God Heals Amputee, First Ever to be Recorded by Doctors

Little Angie O'Plasty walks again for the first time in years after God heals her amputated legs.

April 1st: Well folks, it looks like we were wrong. There really is a God after all, or at least some ‘thing’ up there that heals and answers prayers. Young Angie O’Plasty was a documented amputee after a freak airplane accident that left her two legs less. Keyword being ‘was’ an amputee because yesterday morning she woke up to a very pleasant surprise, an itchy toe. Angie had miraculously discovered she had two full legs again.

“The night before we held a prayer service at our church and we all laid hands on Angie, we asked that God would show mercy on our child and heal her to finally prove that he really is a merciful and loving God” said Angie’s mother.

Young Angie lost her legs back in 2004 after a very bizarre incident that took place aboard a Boeing 747 heading from New York to Calgary. “She went to the on-board washroom during the flight and saw a bug crawling across the floor. Out of fright Angie jumped onto the toilet seat… and unfortunately slipped with both legs plunging into the toilet bowl. When she tried to pull her legs out, she couldn’t and by the time we landed it was too late, the circulation in both legs had been cut off for too long- both legs had to be amputated below her knee caps” explains Angie’s father.

Parody of campaign after recent miracle.

We’ve tried contacting the owner of whywontgodhealamputees.com to get his response but thus far have been unsuccessful. There have been unconfirmed sightings that the website owner has finally left his mothers basement and is spending the day in a synagogue.

We’ve also noticed YouTube parodies popping up that seem to mock our atheist bus campaign now that scientists have confirmed Ms. O’Plasty’s miraculous healing. A parody has been created based on the widely used “Der Untergang” movie which in the past has been used to parody other events such as the Grand Theft Auto 4 Release on PC. See video to the right for clip about our campaign.

It is not known what will be the next move of the bus campaign now that young Angie O’Plasty’s legs have been healed by God but we are exploring our options. It was proposed that we use the money to spread the news about this incident but no decisions have been made on what do with the remaining donations.

Little Angie wanted to send a message to all our website viewers and we agreed to pass it along, she said “Happy April 1st everybody… don’t be fooled!”

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18 thoughts on “God Heals Amputee, First Ever to be Recorded by Doctors”

  1. You may not understand why this is an insult to atheists and agnostics either, by the way, it as as follows:

    They, unlike your joke writer here realize that most religious people’s view of God’s power is not to revoke the supremacy of the mechanistic laws of science, but rather to affect the timing or thinking of the forces apparently working against them.

    And just because it’s April 1, doesn’t lessen the impact of your very own fountain of illogic started in an earlier post about this.

    Bask in it, you deserve it.

  2. How is ti possible you do not understand? This is not an april first joke! Even little Angie warned us about that! They would not have wrote that if it was a joke! Do you understand now?! She was really healed!

    Dear God, have mercy! We believe now! Send cholera, SARS, HIV (or another disease made by USA) and Spanish flu! We are yours now!

    Sincerely yours,

  3. Angie O’Plasty is my friend, this actually happened! Minister Wilma Leggrowbach and Father Wayne Kerr at our church prayed for her. Pat Myckok from Fox News did a story on it later that day.

  4. Miracle!
    Side note — when someone tries to dominate the space by posting a number of silly messages per day, he becomes almost invisible, because readers recognize the name, and skip over it, knowing the message will contain more nonsense. Thus, by trolling and botheration, he destroys any credibility he may have started with. The best way to be ignored is to jump up and down screaming, “Look at me! Look at me!”

  5. While I don’t agree with the tone taken by Jeff K – the whole thing is a spoof after all (and regardless of whether someone is atheist/ agnostic/ believer they can still have a sense of humour) I think it’s unfair to label the comment as trolling: it’s a fair point, in that the vast majority of believers would not expect their God(s) to work in that way. Although, assuming this wasn’t an early spoof, it appears some might…

  6. Regarding this “April Fools Joke” and the possibility of creating new limbs where there are none.

    I will tell you that through science we will soon be able to do this. We are on the verge of discovery with the human genetic code.

    But you have to be willing to understand and learn the Code. I can explain the secret if you are interested.

    It means that “God” is not God though.

  7. Funny, I laughed. But April 1 is over, can you archive it/take it down now? The problem with Internet publishing is all these stale April Fools jokes linger on for weeks and months.

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