Anti-Atheist ad in America will no longer have free reign as American atheists start their own 'probably no god' campaign.

The Atheist Bus Campaign has been spreading like wildfire ever since it’s arrival in the United Kingdom. Below is a list of campaigns around the world for those interested in following their developments  (list borrowed from the UK Campaign):

  1. Bus humaniste (français) / Canada – the Association Humaniste de Québec is running ads on buses in Montréal.
  2. United Kingdom Campaign - where it all began, the original Atheist Bus Campaign with buses in dozens of cities across the UK.
  3. Bus Kampagne / Germany – the campaign to put buses on the streets in Germany (Köln, München, Berlin) is now online. Site visitors can choose their slogan and make online donations. Berlin and München transport authorities do not want the ads it seems, but the guys are determined to find alternatives.
  4. Uskotamon bussikampanja / Finland – the campaign for atheist buses on the streets of Helsinki. €3500 donated so far. News in English here.
  5. Atheïstische Reklamecampagne / Netherlands – a huge atheist advert on the side of the A4 motorway near Schipol airport.
  6. Atheist Bus / Switzerland (DE | FR | IT) – local bus firms are resisting the advertisements, but this might also result in bans on religious advertising. Paypal donations are possible.
  7. Atheist trams / Croatia – ads appeared for 1 day on trams in Zagreb but were removed after complaints. Freedom of speech in a formerly communist country? News in Croatian here, Google translation from Slovenian here.
  8. Campagna Bus / Italy – despite some legal issues with the bus company the campaign continues in Italy, with €30000 raised so far.
  9. Bus ateo / Spain – buses in Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga with slogans in Spanish and Catalan.
  10. Atheist Foundation / Australia – a one-off bus after other ads were not permitted. Latest news here.
  11. Indiana Atheist bus Campaign / USA – a new campaign for buses in Bloomington, Indiana
  12. Why Believe in a God / USA – bus campaign in Washington, and also a new campaign in Seattle.